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What does it mean to be a Modern Spiritual Woman ?

"Your Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding"
~ spiritual quote by Kahlil Gibran

~ Womens Spirituality is a website by a Woman for Women and those who love exploring the Divine Feminine, those who make explorations of the ancient sacred mysteries part of walking their path her on earth in this incarnation.

~ This website embraces all the mysteries of all the religions and spiritualities, hopes to learn from all of them and embrace the uniquness each one has to offer within this glorious Oneness that embraces us all.

~ There shall be no judging here , just genuine enquiry and sharing from within all the facets this life has to offer

Women Spirituality ~ Women discovering Religions and Spiritualities in Modern Times


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Fertility Moon
Moon Creatively Celebrating Womens Fertility Stages , alternative approaches to female fertility as an honoring of the divine feminine energy in both men and women

Blessing Definition and Blessing Collection including Christmas Blessings, Native American Blessings, Apache Wedding Blessings and Irish Home Blessings

Nothing in this life is constant exept change ...

It revolves , it is motion,it is constant vibration this game we are playing with ourselves.
I am to be..
I am ..
To be amongst the waves of this universal ocean , to feel the splashes of delight kissing your cheeks
To be brave enough to dare look deep within the folds of my own inner being
To laugh at the face of EGO trying to hold me back from joining myself in Oneness
To breathe with the might of a hurrican ready to unleash itself without mercy
To breathe with the lightness of a child innocently sleeping within the planes of knowing
I am
I am to be


What does it mean to be a Modern Spiritual Woman ?

spirit square Do you feel a spiritual connection, an unseen pull but not quite sure in which direction?

spirit square Are you looking for personal experiences, true inspirational stories about women encountering women's spiritualities

spirit square Are you looking for a joyful place where you can safely explore find quote inspirationals, share spiritual e cards freely,find out where you might belong without being judged one way or another?

sunny spirit I am creating a safe place for women, where you will be able to find overviews of all my encountered womens spiritualities and religions, true stories,inspirational E-books for creative spiritual selfdiscovery, poems, quotes a chance to connect and artfully embrace the colour of your soul. Here you can participate as little or as much as you want and enjoy exploring your own chosen path on your own terms. No more having to search endless websites to find a friendly face,
I welcome you here, at Lila *Star*s little sanctuary.sunny spirit

I was looking for a place to explore when I started my journey

baby goddess

(well not quite as early as that)sunny spirit

spirit square may my guide make your own journey through exploring women's spiritualities a little easier

spirit square may it help you to identify your true calling, be it with one or a selection of the powerful religions and spiritualities out there in this amazing universe.

My name is Lila*, hello and welcome. I am a woman in my 30’s who was brought up without much contact with any religions or spiritualities, so I have a very un-clouded,

open-minded view on everything that is on offer. I became aware of my true spiritual journey at the age of 33, as I became a mother to a beautiful daughter.

a spiritual miracle baby
click here for an Audio Visual Pregnancy Poem called


a little guided visualisation that will help you to connect to the new soul within you.

My pregnancy was not at all planned ,I was due to be sterilised the week I found out I was pregnant. This old spirit had definetly chosen us and what a gift it has been.

  So here I was, feeling powerful emotions toward my daughter,spiritual energies I never knew existed. There was an overwhelming urge to learn more as I did not know anything about spiritualisms, even about basic definitions of religions and spiritualities:

spirit square What was the difference?

spirit square Is there any?

spirit square Do I feel drawn to only one

or is there a common thread that weaves its magickal web through all of them.

I was on my way, I was propelled to learn more and very grateful to have a speedy broadband connection at my disposal…

Let me take you on my spiritual journey and may it inspire you to search for your own star *

lila spirtitual star journey

Searching , Living, Enjoying
exploring your inner sanctum


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